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 We appreciate the generous support of the community, local merchants, and civic organizations.

Thank You, Lancaster What a great city!
We were overwhelmed with all the support and donations we received to replace the shattered backboard at Tornado Alley this week. Hoop Dreams will continue at Tornado Alley for many years to come. Thanks to: Former Lancaster Judge Paul A. Mueller;Bob Seifert Cement, Joan & Douglas Saunders; Peggy Steinman; Majik Rent To Own; The Breneman Company; Zephyr Aluminum; City Limits; Bay Matrix Consulting; Lancaster Newspapers; Wright Reality; Kegels Produce; Daisy Lee Myers; The Reynolds Family; The Purvis Family; Bob Stein Ph.D; Linda Curtiss; Mayor Rick Gray: James Mitchell; Jeanne A. Wagman; Brabara Betts; Marcia Decania; Frank & Carlene Wolf; John L. Friant; Don Snade; Fredericka Albert: Beth Gainer; Edward Weitkamp; ; Capt.Gus's Steak Shop.

and,to all of the others who have donated and supported Tornado Alley over the years.

Thanks also from all the kids who are learning values and self-discipline while having fun being team players at Tornado Alley. They, too, appreciate this! It shows them how many people really care about them and want to see them succeed.

Sincerely Dave Porter and all the Tornado Alley kids.